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Planradar is known as a platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects. The app is considered easy to use and reliable for defect management, for example.

However, there are also disadvantages: From the user reviews of Planradar on Capterra and GetApp, it is clear that the app is a “one-size-fits-all” solution – anyone who has special requirements for dimensions for plans or uses 3D models, for example, will probably not be happy with Planradar. A database with its own products is missing, as is a smooth export of documents.

In short, it can be worth taking a look at alternative apps for construction documentation and project management. We have put together seven plan radar alternatives.

1st BMapp

bmapp screenshot

BMapp’s construction andreal estate software provides you with an overview of all construction sites and work to be carried out, defect management and documentation, safety concepts and fire protection planning.

BMapp is system-independent: The app runs on PCs and laptops as well as on smartphones and tablets. All documents are accessible online and offline and can be exported quickly and easily for building approval.

The special feature: BMapp thinks beyond the construction phase with its software and also covers functions for the later life phases of a building, such as facility management.

To ensure that you benefit directly from the added value of BMapp, you will be accompanied by one of our personal advisors from the very first day of use.

✅ From experts in the field: a technical site manager is behind the app
✅ Powerful database
✅ Swiss team knows regional challenges
✅ Tailor-made: Direct contact with founding team, developed according to specific needs
❌ Young provider, some features still under development
❌ Available in Switzerland in German and English, no international distribution yet

You can find more independent user reviews of BMapp here.

2. capmo

capmo screenshot

Capmo is a software for construction management and planning. The focus is on the central management and coordination of all parties involved, primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Capmo is convinced that personal advice and support is an important aspect of software use. Like BMapp, Capmo therefore offers a personal consultant who supports SMEs in the digitalization of their own processes.

✅ Simple operation and clear design
✅ Central storage of information and documents
✅ Construction schedule and deadline and task management
Free integration of project partners
✅ Major focus on data protection
❌ Limited resizing of the desktop web app – very large screen area compared to the information content
❌ Long loading times when uploading images – time-consuming export

You can find more independent user reviews of Capmo on Capterra and Getapp.

3. procore

procore screenshot

Procore is a powerful and easy-to-use project management software for all construction professionals as a cloud solution (SaaS).

Procore is an established US software company based in California and already represented in 150 countries. Although a German version of the software is also available, the software remains US-centric – much of the information is only available in English and is not adapted to regional needs.

✅ Central: The software allows centralized management of construction projects, including documents, tasks, schedules and budgets. ✅ Simple: The software is user-friendly and the learning curve is low.
✅ Networked: Better collaboration by networking all stakeholders and resources on one platform.

❌ Price: Even if it is inexpensive to get started, the costs rise quickly depending on use – companies with a limited budget reach their limits.
❌ USA-Centric: Technical information is currently only available in English. Regional needs are not taken into account.
Asynchronous: Projects cannot be synchronized in real time, which can lead to inconsistencies.

You can find more independent user reviews of Procore on Capterra and G2.

4. realview

realview screenshot

The Realview app is primarily aimed at project and construction managers and focuses on digital defect management.

The app started out as a meeting minutes solution and brings this strength to its current form: The fast and dynamic input and management of information such as defects and pending issues directly on the tablet on site.

✅ Very powerful as a meeting minutes app
✅ Digital defect management – simple and good
✅ Swiss app – local requirements integrated
❌ Very technical setup
Primarily aimed at Apple users (programming in Filemaker)
❌ Somewhat limited for updates and individual requirements

5. construction master

baumaster screenshot

Baumaster is aimed at site managers in management and construction site organization. The software focuses on the management of tasks, documents, teams and projects. Baumaster includes many important features such as construction site documentation, defect management and controlling – which qualifies Baumaster as a complete solution.

✅ Complete solution: construction meetings, defect management, acceptance and more.
✅ Digital documentation: Central construction file with documents, plans and photos.
✅ Networked: Access to information on the central platform for all participants.
User-friendly: The learning curve is low and functions such as audio recordings make input easier.
Accessible offline: Changes are saved locally and synchronized as soon as an internet connection is available again.
❌ Costs: Such a comprehensive solution comes at a corresponding price. This may well be worthwhile, as many other solutions may be able to be replaced. In any case, a free test is recommended.

You can find more detailed user reviews of Baumaster on Capterra and Softwareabc24.de.

6. smino

smino screenshot

Smino is an app for scheduling and defect management on site thanks to digital plans and logging. The software offers various functions geared towards small and medium-sized companies. Smino shines with its digital plans with versioning, but is not a complete solution.

You can find more detailed user reviews of smino on Capterra.

✅ Digital plans completely free small and medium-sized construction sites from paper plans.
✅ Task and defect management directly in the digital plan
Versioning: Plans can be compared on the platform so that the latest plan is always available.
✅ Protocol tool is very efficient: most tasks can be created and sent during the session.
❌ No interface to other programs. License management can be time-consuming – there is no automatic license usage.
User interface sometimes seems a little cluttered and does not offer the desired functions.
❌ Renaming of file names after upload no longer possible.

7. sorba

sorba screenshot

Sorba is a complete solution for companies in the main and secondary construction trades. In addition to basic tasks such as project management, various modular features can be selected, including order processing, accounting, service recording and controlling.

✅ Intuitive overall solution: Comprehensive in features and easy to use.
✅ Efficient administration: Switching to Sorba streamlines administration.
✅ Continuous further development: constant flow of new features and modules.
✅ Digital processes: Accounts payable, visa control, document management and reporting are handled digitally.
❌ Electronic dispatch of payslips: Some users complain that there is currently no solution for sending payslips electronically that meets their expectations.

More detailed user reviews of SORBA can be found on Capterra and Softwareadvice.com.

How do you find the right app?

Every software solution is associated with costs and promises great benefits. The only question is whether the benefits outweigh the costs. You often only realize whether the app really delivers what it promises when you have tested it for weeks. Ultimately, the cost-benefit analysis should be the deciding factor.

Using feedback from practice

We have therefore based our list of advantages and disadvantages on reviews from real-life use. Platforms such as Capterra and GetApp provide user reviews of the listed apps and at least show clear trends that can help in the decision-making process.

The site manager rarely makes the decision for a software all by himself. After all, it’s not just about using the app; the integration and onboarding of all project participants is also an important decision criterion.

Involve all decision-makers – We help you

You should only make a decision once all the important players have been convinced. This will significantly simplify implementation and process optimization. We are happy to help you with this process – from the analysis to the decision.

BMapp can help you with a free assessment in a maximum of 30 minutes: Feel free to request a non-binding consultation.

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