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BMapp – seamless monitoring, maintenance planning, process automation, visualization of information, etc. and centralized building data for effective facility management.

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At the heart of facility management is a trio that ensures the successful maintenance of a building: responsibility, organization and communication. This is because planning errors or inadequate information exchange quickly lead to challenges such as operational failures, cost increases or maintenance deficiencies. Ensuring constant system functionality is therefore crucial.

Our CAFM software provides facility managers and operations teams with a comprehensive and mobile overview of the condition and performance of their facilities. In the case of a heating system, for example, you can store past and upcoming service visits, the number of operating hours or settings such as the flow temperature. This not only simplifies the timely maintenance of all devices, but also considerably simplifies maintenance planning. Which information is stored can be determined flexibly.

The integrated communication platform also enables a constant and transparent dialogue between all parties involved – from asset managers to property managers and owners – and thus supports seamless organization and coordination.

The comprehensive documentation functions of our software ensure that all data is retained even when facility managers change and can be passed on seamlessly. This avoids loss of information and ensures continuous, quality-oriented operational management.

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This is what BMapp delivers


In-app notifications for due dates, deadlines or tasks

Seamless documentation with online and offline access

Legal protection through documentation and archiving of work carried out

CHAT function with all teams and companies involved

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Facility management software is far more than just a collection of data. BMapp's CAFM allows you to place tickets exactly where they are required on the floor plan of the building. In this way, you not only visualize requirements, but also coordinate and document precisely what, how and where maintenance measures are required.

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The key to improving facility management


In the world of facility management, a lot of data is often still stored in Office tools. As a result, they are scattered and cannot be used efficiently. Such data silos and a lack of traceability can lead to duplicate and contradictory information, inaccurate reports and inefficient processes.

The solution is CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management). Our software offers a central platform on which all important information such as the material properties of all installed elements, appliance type and manufacturer, or maintenance intervals are stored and can be accessed immediately and from anywhere.

Ask yourself:

If you are not yet using professional CAFM software

Our facility management software allows you to keep track of maintenance, servicing and all relevant administrative processes, which greatly minimizes potential operational downtime.

Finding the right CAFM software


Have you decided to purchase professional software, but don’t yet know which provider suits your requirements? Opt for BMapp:

From professionals for professionals

The founder, Salen, was a technical site manager for many years. His experience and knowledge are incorporated everywhere today.


Manage, record and visualize components and products: BMapp's open system lets you add new and third-party products quickly and easily and import and export floor plans.


Modern software and app for the documentation, planning and implementation of construction projects.


Transfer components to standardized checklists, which can also be used for other projects. Use it to generate customized QR codes.


Complete documentation with which you can also prove your fulfillment of obligations in court.

Simplified maintenance & follow-up orders

If doors or other elements are damaged or extended, the QR code in the BMapp can be used to find out who originally installed them and who can help.


Document all work steps and construction defects in a software program. Forget photos via WhatsApp and endless paperwork.

Facility Management Software


Word / Excel or
other manual solution
Documentation of all work steps
Product-neutral database
Import new / third-party products
Quickly record, visualize and manage components
Complete documentation
Automatically generated bulkhead matrix
Import & export of floor plans
Individual QR code designation
Easy to maintain and operate

for all building maintenance tasks

When choosing the right CAFM software, it is also important to select a solution that efficiently covers all aspects of facility management and offers a user-friendly interface.

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Everything on one platform: Our CAFM software combines all building and contact data on a single, user-friendly platform. Access from anywhere: The ability to access important documents and status updates of your properties at any time and from anywhere increases the efficiency of your team and speeds up the processing of work orders.


Risk minimization: Central documentation minimizes the risk of information loss. This enables a secure assumption of responsibility for all processes. Automation: Processes such as maintenance, inspection, repair and cleaning can be scheduled via the app. Incoming orders can be forwarded quickly and easily to the executing parties.


Photo documentation: Visualization of tasks with photos for clear communication and seamless collaboration. Document management system: All information, data and images are digitally documented and archived.


Customization to needs: The software offers customization options for all sectors and company sizes. Checklists: Create predefined checklists for efficient data collection on site. Export created reports as PDF with just a few clicks.

Try it out for yourself!

Not sure what benefits BMapp’s defect management software can bring you? We will be happy to provide you with a test account for 30 days. An expert will be at your side during this test phase.

So that you can run through your individual project situation, our expert will guide you through our software solution at your request and answer all your questions in detail and competently.

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