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BMapp – Overview of project progress, access to all documents and real-time communication for site managers and general contractors.

From excavation to acceptance

Full overview

Cost, time and quality are decisive factors on the construction site. If they are not closely monitored or clearly communicated, this leads to delays, losses and rework. In the construction industry, margins are thin and customer requirements are high. For this reason, even the slightest deviation in planning can have a significant impact.

With our construction management software, site managers and general contractors can call up project progress and all associated documents anytime and anywhere. They can also use the integrated chat function to discuss any pending issues with all parties simply and easily. This simplifies planning and minimizes the risk of unforeseen cost overruns, delays and quality defects. With our software, you can ensure that every step of your construction project is built on a solid foundation.

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This is what BMapp delivers


Location-independent control and coordination of the construction project

CHAT function with all teams and subcontractors involved

Quick access to all stored execution plans

In-app notifications for due dates, deadlines or tasks

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Professional construction management software not only offers optimum planning, coordination and communication on the construction site, but also enables seamless construction documentation. This is possible because all information on materials used, products and completed orders is stored in the app.

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the backbone of every construction project

Construction management

Time pressure on the construction site is a current and growing problem. According to Unia, the consequences are gross construction defects. The core of the problem often lies in planning errors that result in unrealistic backlog management.

For those responsible in the construction and security industry, effective planning and coordination of their construction project is therefore a priority. This also includes the further development and professionalization of software solutions in the construction industry.

Ask yourself:

If you are not yet using professional defect management software

With BMapp, you can place digital pins on construction plans and store information on components or products there. When you upload revised plans, the pins are updated and repositioned in the same place. This means you always have an up-to-date overview of your construction project.

Finding the right construction software


Have you decided to purchase professional software, but don’t yet know which provider suits your requirements? This is what the BMapp:

From professionals for professionals

The founder, Salen, was a technical site manager for many years. His experience and knowledge are incorporated everywhere today.


Manage, record and visualize components and products: BMapp's open system lets you add new and third-party products quickly and easily and import and export floor plans.


Modern software and app for the documentation, planning and implementation of construction projects.


Transfer components to standardized checklists, which can also be used for other projects. Use it to generate customized QR codes.


Complete documentation with which you can also prove your fulfillment of obligations in court.

Simplified maintenance & follow-up orders

If doors or other elements are damaged or extended, the QR code in the BMapp can be used to find out who originally installed them and who can help.


Document all work steps and construction defects in a software program. Forget photos via WhatsApp and endless paperwork.

Construction management software


Fire protection software
Word / Excel or
other manual solution
Documentation of all work steps
Product-neutral database
Import new / third-party products
Quickly record, visualize and manage components
Complete documentation
Automatically generated bulkhead matrix
Import & export of floor plans
Individual QR code designation
Easy to maintain and operate

and for the management thereafter

When choosing the right construction management software, it is also important to select a solution that covers all construction phases –
starting with the planning.

One software for all construction phases

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Even at the design and planning stage, importance should be attached to a precise representation of all components and the associated work. With BMapp, all components and elements can be stored directly as products in the software and called up with a simple click. This means you have all the relevant information at your fingertips directly from the floor plan.

construction process

During the implementation of the construction measures, the BMapp enables precise documentation of who carried out which work at what time. This guarantees transparency and traceability. This standard is also maintained in quality assurance: Any necessary reworking of construction work carried out is listed in full in the documentation.


After implementation and quality assurance comes the handover. During this phase, all relevant information for subsequent maintenance is handed over to the client. With professional construction management software such as BMapp, you have all the data at your fingertips and can export it easily and efficiently so that no document is lost or overlooked.


Even after completion of the construction phases and the final handover, construction management software such as BMapp shows its value. If problems arise or individual components need to be replaced, they can be easily identified using a QR code. The software then displays all relevant details for the respective component. This makes it much easier to maintain and inspect the building. Construction companies benefit from this as they can secure potential follow-up orders.

Try it out for yourself!

Not sure what benefits BMapp’s defect management software can bring you? We will be happy to provide you with a test account for 30 days. An expert will be at your side during this test phase.

So that you can run through your individual project situation, our expert will guide you through our software solution at your request and answer all your questions in detail and competently.

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