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The execution and documentation of directing work needs to be learned. This is because work that falls outside the original contract framework and is billed on the basis of actual expenditure can quickly lead to conflicts. This is often due to unclear agreements, inadequate documentation or differing expectations regarding the scope and cost of the additional work.

The handling of construction work requires a high degree of cooperation from all parties involved in order to complete the construction project successfully and to the satisfaction of the client. The government report serves as the central document for the documentation, acceptance and invoicing of these services.

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Government report

Download template

Download our free SIA118 template now and make it easier for you to record defects and accept construction work! Our templates save valuable time, are already equipped with all the necessary elements and can be modified as required. Whether you are a contractor, architect or site manager, a well-structured template is crucial to the success of your project.

Directing work: Definition

What is directorial work?

Directed work includes construction work that was not specified in the original offer or contract and therefore cannot be invoiced as a lump sum in advance. This includes work that arises due to unforeseen events, additional requirements from the client or changes to the construction project. Invoicing is based on actual material consumption, hours worked and other directly attributable costs.

In addition, direction work may only be carried out with the approval of the site management. The construction company provides a cost forecast in advance with a defined cost ceiling (maximum price), which is then checked by the construction management for conformity with the work contract.

Directing work: Causes

Why are directorial works created?

Directing work arises for various reasons:

  • Unforeseen conditions: Problems such as soil contamination or unexpected structural challenges that were not known before construction work began.
  • Changes requested by the client: Changes requested by the client during the construction phase that go beyond the original contract.
  • Planning or calculation errors: Errors that occurred during the planning phase and need to be corrected during the construction phase.

The government report (download template)

What is a government report and what does it involve?

The director’s report is a key instrument for ensuring that the documentation and invoicing of director’s work is transparent and standardized. The SIA standard 118 provides clear guidelines on how to report and invoice work carried out by a contractor. In accordance with Art. 47, the contractor is obliged to prepare a personally signed report of all work carried out on a daily basis.

A correctly kept government report must contain the following:

  • Client: Name and contact information of the client
  • Invoice recipient: Name and contact information of the invoice recipient (usually the client, occasionally also a third party)
  • Deadline: Deadline by which the work must be completed
  • Order: Exact description of the work order and the place of execution
  • Work description: Comprehensive list of all work carried out, including the persons involved, working hours and tools and machines used
  • Material consumption: Detailed specification of all materials used
  • Machine use: List of all machines and equipment used with details of operating hours and any rental costs
  • Signature: Written confirmation by the client, preferably with the company stamp
  • Photos and attachments: Supplementary photos or documents of the work carried out that can be attached as additional evidence

Government reports must be completed separately for each individual job and each day. The daily reports must then be submitted to the site management for checking and signing (including date) within 5 working days with the signature of the person responsible at the construction company.

Fill in the government report: Example

What should be taken into account when reporting director’s work?

To illustrate the reporting of directorial work, here is a fictitious example that covers the above criteria:

director's report pdf

Advantages of a government report template

What are the advantages of a good government report template?

A clearly structured and complete template for government reports offers numerous advantages. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Time saving: The report can be completed quickly and easily thanks to the predefined information fields, which speeds up the entire process of directing work.
  2. Consistency: All individual control room work is documented according to the same criteria, which ensures consistent data collection across all construction sites.
  3. Completeness: The predefined information fields ensure that no relevant information is forgotten.
  4. Transparency and traceability: The work carried out is precisely traceable, which creates transparency between all parties involved.
  5. Conflict avoidance: Misunderstandings and disagreements are avoided as all parties involved have the same level of information and everything can be traced back precisely in an emergency.
  6. Legal protection: In the event of differences of opinion or legal disputes, the government report serves as important evidence of the work carried out.

A government report template therefore not only makes day-to-day work easier, but also contributes to improved communication and collaboration in the construction industry.

Documenting control room work with BMapp

How can BMapp help with control room work?

BMapp’s advanced construction software offers an intuitive user interface and integrates the latest technologies for automated data collection, centralized storage of all data and detailed photo documentation of all work carried out. This means that every phase of the director’s work is fully documented, which improves transparency and communication between all those involved. This creates the basis for fair and uncomplicated invoicing of the directing work carried out.

With BMapp, the handling of management work, from documentation and invoicing through to acceptance, becomes a standardized and efficient process.

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