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What is a construction journal or construction diary?

Every work step on the construction site should be documented. This is the only way to trace which work was carried out when and by whom. Swiss architects, construction engineers and site managers must therefore keep a construction journal or construction diary. Such a construction diary is therefore indispensable, especially for defect management.

However, things are hectic on the building site and documentation can quickly get lost during construction – this should not happen. In the event of a dispute, for example in the event of construction defects, a construction diary is used as evidence in order to be able to fully trace the progress and events of a construction project. So if you don’t keep a construction journal, or keep it carelessly, it will be difficult to track the contractor, location and time of the work later on and you risk unnecessary stress and penalties.

What absolutely belongs in a construction journal?

– Client and contractor + contact details
– Employees (number), listed by qualification and length of service (foremen, skilled workers, unskilled workers)
– Construction measures
– Building maintenance work
– Construction error
– Services of the contractors
– Results of building material, soil and water tests
– Meetings (participants, agreements, instructions)
– Deployment of the workforce
– Daily work: start, progress, completion of individual construction works
– Deliveries: Recording of substances and components (status + supplier)
– Time of changes and corrections to the contractor
– Date on which execution documents were handed over
(specify exactly what the documents include)
– Specific location / floor
– Weather including maximum and minimum temperature

Construction journal template: Excel, Word, PDF or Trello?

Unfortunately, there is currently no standard solution for construction journals and construction diaries in Switzerland. Every construction management company has different preferences, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages:

Excel – Suitable for recording data such as time points or units of measurement in tabular form, which can be automatically compared. Not suitable for images and longer texts. Poor usability on mobile devices.

Word – Better suited as a journal in which you can document in full sentences or even create logs. However, Word quickly gives up when it comes to documentation with images.

PDF – Ideal as a checklist that can be opened on any device. In this way, some repeated tasks can be realized as a daily description. Unlike a Word document, a PDF template cannot be flexibly customized, which severely limits its use.

template phone illustration baumaengel



Download our free construction diary templates now and make it easier for you to document your construction project! Our templates offer you structure and well-organized information. This saves valuable time. Whether you are a contractor, architect or site manager – a properly kept construction diary is crucial to the success of your project.

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Free template: Swiss construction journal / construction diary

With the information above (What belongs in a construction journal) you can create your own template in Word, Excel or as a PDF.

However, our experience has shown that even a perfectly formatted template ends up being a paper chase – you have to enter all the data by hand and, above all, can only insert images poorly or not at all. Almost all templates lack the basic functions that a digital solution simply has to offer in 2023.

We therefore recommend that you use the construction journal directly in our construction software. This allows you to integrate the journal directly into your plans and contacts, collaborate with other participants in real time, integrate images directly into the app on your smartphone and access current data at any time.

[Baujournal in der BMapp testen]

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Professional construction journal for site management

Inadequate documentation catches up with everyone. The question is not whether you document, but how. The best solution is therefore one that you use regularly, that is easy to use, available everywhere and preferably shareable.

If you use professional construction software such as BMapp, you not only save time and nerves, but also protect yourself against problems later on by keeping your documentation simple and therefore easy to follow.

Find out whether the BMapp is right for you: We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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