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Digitization brings efficiency gains. Just thinking back to my training 25 years ago: as a technical site manager, I only worked with paper plans as a matter of course. Today, site managers, engineers and architects in charge of construction can plan, coordinate and document projects digitally – with the right app.

But which app is right for you?


We have listed the 10 best-known construction manager apps in Switzerland for you: From apps for construction management and documentation to time recording apps and apps for employee communication.

These include our own software solution BMapp, which we developed to meet the requirements of Swiss construction managers.

1st BMapp: Construction management & documentation

bmapp dashboard

BMapp is a growing Swiss company with expertise in technical construction management and a focus on personal consulting. The construction documentation app from BMapp provides you with an overview of all construction sites and work to be carried out, defect management and documentation, safety concepts and fire protection planning.

BMapp is system-independent: The app runs on PCs and laptops as well as on smartphones and tablets. All documents are accessible online and offline and can be exported quickly and easily for building approval. The special feature: BMapp thinks beyond the construction phase with its software and also offers functions for the later life phases of a building – an advantage for sectors such as facility management.

✅ From experts in the field: a technical site manager is behind the app
✅ Powerful database
✅ The Swiss team knows regional challenges
✅ Tailor-made: Direct contact with founding team, developed according to specific needs
✅ Offline access incl. Ticketing and documents
✅ Flexible labeling concept of the located pin in the floor plan according to user/builder specifications (BMK/UID numbers)
✅ Creation of QR codes for field device identification
✅ “by belly snatchers for belly snatchers”
❌ Young provider, many features still under development
❌ Available in German in Switzerland, no international distribution yet

If you like the BMapp solution, here’s a little tip: in future, the company plans to add a time recording solution to its portfolio. The “Mywoti” (My Work Time) solution is currently in the test phase.

2. plan radar: construction management & documentation


Planradar is a digital platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction projects and real estate. The provider originally comes from Vienna and has expanded rapidly in the last four years – the solution is now available in over 65 markets.

Planradar focuses on simple operation and good defect management. The user base is broad: Contractors and engineers use the platform as well as real estate managers and owners. However, site managers and technical experts can come up against the limits of the solution.

✅ Simple operation
✅ Connection of images with plans
✅ Versatile ticketing functions
Offline access and real-time synchronization
✅ Statistics and planning notes
✅ Good defect management
✅ Available in 20 languages
❌ Limited dimensions in plans
❌ Not fully compatible with 3D models
❌ Export of documents could be improved
❌ No database with own products in the background
❌ “One-size-fits-all” standard software

Here you will find independent user reviews of Planradar on Capterra and Getapp.

3. capmo: construction management & documentation


The Munich-based company Capmo specializes in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and advertises above all with the clarity of its solution. The Capmo app is a construction management and planning software. The focus is on the central management and coordination of all parties involved.

Capmo is convinced that personal advice and support is an important aspect of software use. Capmo therefore offers a personal consultant who supports SMEs in the digitalization of their own processes.

S imple operation and clear design
✅ Central storage of information and documents
✅ Construction schedule and deadline and task management
Free integration of project partners
✅ Major focus on data protection
❌ Limited resizing of the desktop web app
❌ Very large screen area compared to the information content
❌ Long loading times when uploading images
❌ Complex export

Here you will find independent user reviews of Capmo on Capterra and Getapp.

4. realview: Construction management & documentation

rv header 13.png

REALVIEW AG in Zurich develops and distributes software for the Swiss construction industry.

The app is primarily aimed at project and construction managers and focuses on digital defect management.

The app started out as a meeting minutes solution and brings this strength to its current form: The fast and dynamic input and management of information such as defects and pending issues directly on the tablet on site.

✅ Very powerful as a meeting minutes app –
✅ Digital defect management – simple and good
✅ Swiss app – local requirements integrated

❌ Very technical setup
Aimed primarily at Apple users (programming in Filemaker)
❌ Somewhat limited for updates and individual requirements

5. timetac: time recording

timetac big

In addition to all-round solutions, we also have some apps in the list that focus on one aspect: In the case of Timetac, it is time recording.

Timetac is an international company from Graz that is all about time: working times, project times, absences and more can be recorded and managed via app on desktop and mobile.

Timetac is aimed at medium-sized and larger companies. The software modules can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the company. Timetac attaches great importance to data protection and data security in accordance with EU standards.

✅ Legally compliant working time recording with overtime calculation and evaluations
Export options directly to the payroll accounting systems
✅ Modular system: individually customizable
✅ Security and GDPR compliance through ISO 27001-certified hosting service providers in the EU
❌ Outdated web interface
Rudimentary project management functions
❌ No integrated invoicing function

Here you will find independent user reviews of Timetac on OMR and Trusted.

6 Beekeeper: Employee communication


The first employee coordination app on our list is the Swiss app Beekeeper. The central communication platform is used by companies in the USA and Europe.

The idea is to connect everyone involved on one platform: From the client to the construction worker, everyone can be informed immediately about innovations, exchange information, share documents and more. Good communication ensures greater productivity and safety on every construction site.

✅ Simple user interface with powerful search and filters
Chat and news feeds for direct communication and information
✅ Share and release documents
✅ End-to-end encrypted communication in real time for individual and group chats
❌ Different display between web browser and smartphone
❌ Limited interfaces to other applications such as Google Calendar or Outlook
❌ No search function for employees in the chat and criticism of some functions from user reviews (see below)

Here you can find independent user reviews of Beekeeper on Capterra and Trusted.

7th Speakap: Employee communication


The second communication solution on our list is the Dutch solution Speakap. The offer is aimed at medium-sized and larger companies, especially those that employ staff at different locations and with different tasks.

Speakap is primarily intended for the exchange of information. If you have a large number of subcontractors and project participants, a central communication solution can quickly create a better overview and simplify daily processes.

✅ Secure and private platform
✅ Good interface and easy to use
✅ All users can quickly access messages and documents
✅ Positively rated customer service
❌ Limited options beyond communication
❌ Limited synchronization with Active Directory

Here you will find independent user reviews of Speakap on Capterra and G2.

8th BMapp: Construction journal

bmapp dashboard

We presented BMapp at the beginning of the list as a solution for construction management and documentation. But the app can also be used as a construction journal or construction diary.

Independent construction managers and architects must keep construction diaries in order to document the construction process in detail. If there are later disruptions or disputes, the construction diary will be decisive.

Many architects and construction managers today use their smartphones, notebooks and pieces of paper to take notes during the day and type them up in the evening. This takes time and is unsatisfactory. Solutions such as BMapp provide a remedy and make documentation “on the go” simple and efficient.

“As a planner, consultant and technical site manager, I was looking for a digital solution that would save me time and increase the quality of my projects. Today, there is a good selection of such solutions on the market – such as our BMapp, which we developed together with Swiss construction managers.” Salen Cirikovic, Managing Director of BMapp.

✅ From experts in the field: a technical site manager is behind the app
✅ Powerful database
✅ Swiss team knows regional challenges
✅ Tailor-made: Direct contact with founding team, developed according to specific needs
❌ Young provider, many features still under development
❌ Available in German in Switzerland, no international distribution yet

9th WinBau: Construction journal


The Swiss software provider Schneider also promises to keep the construction journal directly on the construction site. With the WinBau construction journal, you can quickly and easily create classic notes on your smartphone: Date, time, address, text and images.

In addition to the app, Schneider also offers the WinBau software for the PC. The Swiss company is well established, but the product seems very simple and outdated. The app’s user ratings also suggest that the product is getting on in years.

✅ Swiss companies
✅ Established software manufacturer

❌ Outdated design
❌ Smartphone app not user-friendly
❌ Limited functions

10 Juurly: Construction journal


The Swiss app Juurly offers simple operation paired with an intuitive design. You can see that the app was created in collaboration with architects: minimalist chic with all the essential functions for the construction journal – from handwriting recognition on the tablet to product tags and simple sharing of documents with external parties.

It’s a simple, fast, good-looking journal, but wants to fetch a decent price for it. For site managers who spend a lot of time on documentation, it can still be worthwhile.

✅ Fast
✅ Simple
Handwriting recognition
❌ Relatively high price for a construction journal only

How do you find the right app?

Step 1: Analysis

What is the status quo of the project, where are the problems? What challenges should an app even solve? Only those who can name the need will find a suitable solution. Every software solution is associated with costs and promises great benefits. The only question is whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

– Technology / IT infrastructure
– Competence building
– Definition of processes and guidelines – Operational effort
– Support costs
– Time saving – cost reduction
– Adherence to deadlines & traceability
– Quality & safety
– Transparency & communication

Step 2: Testing

Once the requirements are clear and a few candidates have been determined (for example, the top 10 construction manager apps from our list), the test begins. The catch is that you often only realize whether the app really delivers what it promises when you have been testing it for weeks.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t test at all, but you shouldn’t be dazzled by pretty user interfaces. Ultimately, the cost-benefit analysis (see above) should be the deciding factor.

We have therefore based our comparison of advantages and disadvantages on reviews from the field. Platforms such as Capterra and GetApp provide user reviews of the listed apps and at least show clear trends that can help in the decision-making process.

Step 3: Decision

After analyzing and testing promising candidates, the decision is made. The site manager rarely makes this decision alone. After all, it’s not just about using the app; the integration and onboarding of all project participants is also an important decision criterion.

You should only make a decision once all the important players have been convinced. This will significantly simplify implementation and process optimization. We are happy to help you with this process – from the analysis to the decision.

BMapp can help you with a free assessment in a maximum of 30 minutes: Please ask for a non-binding consultation.

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Director’s work & director’s report: Procedure & template (Download)

SIA 118: Definition, scope, template (Download)

Free template for construction journal/construction diary (Switzerland)

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